Family of 6 & Mom in wheelchair.

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Food, Good Food or bad Food...

Gluten free or not? ADHD, Asperger, Tourette, Overweight, Wheelchair, Allergies. What has food with this to do? All this is in our family.

Mom in wheelchair...

But how, with a wheelchair like legs? In Sweden, I'm locked in an apartment. How do I get out and what does it cost?

Freezer Meals

Why freeze half finished dishes/meals? Time and Money. Poverty is there or not?

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ZitaZoo Words


The next day can be your dream day. But if you do not go there, you will never experience the day you dreamed about. So take a step further. I roll my wheelchair one more turn, and one more every single day.  Never, ever give up! One more Steep...


See, hear, be, feel. Our minds need to be trained, experienced and allowed to participate in everything we do. Everyone is different but everyone can. Only takes different amounts of time to learn and perform. 

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Love & Hugs

ZitaZoo, Arw & The Kids